Match Up produces the best name badges in Australia, for the best possible price.

The importance of name badges is not often considered. A name badge may be one of the first things a potential client will notice about your company -- it may affect their decision to give your company their business. Of course, your staff are the most powerful representation of your company, but their name badge also conveys a message about your company's brand and professionalism. It's a small thing, but so important.

Established by Upstart Pty Ltd in 2005, Match Up was born in response to the suggestion of a large company who wanted to overhaul its staff's name badges, allowing merits and achievements to be displayed as well as name and job title. We realised there was a real opportunity to supply the Australian market with an affordable, customised, high-quality name badge.

We think our product -- which is locally designed and assembled -- is the best on the market. We use first-rate supplies and equipment to achieve first-rate results.

Our resin-domes are made with automotive-grade polyurethane, and our printing capacity and quality is assured with the fastest, most versatile VersaCAMM wide-format inkjet printer on the market. For added impact, we can even add metallic and white inks to your graphic.

Match Up badges come with a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the badges you receive from Match Up, we'll work together with you until you get exactly the badge you want. If you're not happy, we'll replace it.

So who are we?

Mervyll Reid is a director of Match Up, and patriarch of the family. It was Merv who first realised that Match Up had an opportunity to capture the Australian market for name badges, and was determined that together we could do it better than anyone else.

David Reid is the managing director of Match Up, and was responsible for the design of Match Up's most successful badge. With an eye for detail, a voice for radio, and a unwavering commitment to excellence, David ensures that Match Up retains its place as the producer of Australia's best badges.

Jane Reid is responsible for corporate communications and business development. She draws on her background in public relations and copywriting -- and her ongoing management role as a mother of four.

Julienne Hamson is our graphic designer and illustrator -- she's the person who makes sure our badges look just right.

And finally, there is Susie Reid -- our much loved matriarch, who pitches in tirelessly, doing whatever needs to be done to ensure we always meet our deadlines.