Match Up has three main name badges.

Our best-seller is the single sticker, resin-domed badge with a magnetic fastener. This badge is lightweight yet sturdy, and while its proportions are moderate, it allows plenty of room to display name, logo and job title. The superior resin-domed finish ensures that there will be no damage to the artwork beneath, ensuring a professional, durable and impressive badge. The single sticker badge measures 77mm x 26mm.

Match Up's double-sticker resin-domed name badge has proven a great success for direct-sales companies, and also for short-run productions like conferences and corporate retreats. Secured with a magnetic fastener like its single-sticker relative, the double-sticker has slightly larger dimensions which allows for more information to be displayed -- like brand logos and slogans. Like the single-sticker badge, this Match Up product is impactful and long-lasting; it measures 77mm x 31mm.

Match Up also produces an oval shaped resin-domed badge with a metal pin fastener, which was designed in response to a client's request, but has proven to be valued by many companies. Measuring 30mm x 20mm, the oval badge has been used to display special information -- for example, sales target achievements -- its applications are unlimited. The novel shape and size of this badge adds extra impact.